Walking tour of Chinatown (NYC)

Here is link to a map via Map My Run (sign up for free and you can send the map to your phone)

1. This tour begins in Brooklyn Heights with a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. As you exit the bridge, turn right and go up Centre street to Worth.

2. Turn right on Worth. Columbus Park will be on your left. Yes, its named after that Columbus which is an indication of who settled this neighborhood before the Chinese started arriving. You are officially in the notorious Five Points neighborhood of Gangs of New York. Columbus Park was created in 1897, when they toor down the decrepit tenements of Mulberry Bend.

3. Take a left at the Bowery and enter Chatham Square. At one time, this was a huge market and where hangout. The wide street heading east is

4. East Broadway, this is modern Chinatown where many new Chinese immagrants land.

5. Turn left on Market Street and again on Division and return to the Bowery.

6. Cross the Bowery and walk up Doyers street, one of the most iconic streets in the district. The green brick building at 5-7 Doyers was the Chinese Theater (1893-1913) where Chinese opera and music were performed, while its upper floors were a flophouse packed with cheap sleeping cubicles. Under this building is a fascinating remnant of old Chinatown: a tunnel leading to the Bowery! Left over from the 18th century Doyers Distillery, which once stood where the (hideous) concrete post office is today, it’s said the Tongs would sometimes use this tunnel to evade the police. In fact, there were so many violent battles and murders here, Doyers was called the “Bloody Angle.”

7. Doyers Street ends at Pell Street, another of the original locales of historic Chinatown. With its profusion of Chinese-character signs, it’s no surprise that postcards of quintessential Chinatown often are taken on Pell.

8. Take a right on Mott and then a left on Bayard

9. Turn left on Mulberry and grab some ice cream at Eggloo. Proceed North on Mulberry, where you’ll pass several stores selling imported gifts of jade, pottery, tea ware, an array of Buddhas, and miscellaneous tchotchkes.

10. Take a left on Canal Street. The block is lined with small restaurants and food shops selling fresh fish and seafood (including live lobsters and crabs!). Along the sidewalks are food carts offering fruits and vegetables, including dragon fruit, lychee, longan, ginger, bok choy, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. Canal street, is teeming with narrow shops and stalls selling T-shirts, scarves, jewelry, and “luxury” handbags, perfumes, and watches. If you’re looking for the high-end “designer” fakes like Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, or Rolex, you may be lured into a tiny back room—like at Phoenix Mall (246-250 Canal St., between Lafayette and Centre Streets), which is a warren of micro shops.