Walking Tour of Greenwich Village

This tour goes from the East Village West. It ends at Brunetti’s Pizza home of arguably the best Clam Pizza in NYC. Here is link to a map via Map My Run (sign up for free and you can send the map to your phone).

Unless you are staying in the same AirBnB we did, you can skip the first Mile or so and start at the Washington Mews (a block north of Washington Square Park).

1. Washington Mews, a lovely cobblestone street with a bunch of converted stables and carriage houses.

2. Washington Square Park, the big arch was designed by Stanford White. Go right to the (NE corner and see the Hanging Elm…where New York bad guys got hung.

3. Go down Macdougal Street, and take a look at Provincetown Playhouse. This was Eugene O’Neill joint in the 1920’s and where most of his plays were premiered. Backtrack to W. 4th St.

4. Take W. 4th St. to Jones St. Recreate this photo (walking down Jones toward 4th.).

Image result for bob dylan jones street

5. Wander for a bit…Jones to Morton…Take a right on on Bedford. Just before you get to Commerce Street, be sure to notice 75 1/2 Bedford St. It is a really really small house (9 1/2 feet) inhabited over time by some famous people, including, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Cary Grant, and John Barrymore.

6. Backtrack and take St. Luke’s (which is also called Leroy St.) No. 6 was once occupied by mayor Jimmy Walker, a hard-partying public servant who was eventually forced to resign in disgrace. The brownstone at no. 10 was used for exterior shots of the Huxtable home in The Cosby Show. Theodore Dreiser, Marianne Moore and Sherwood Anderson all lived here at some point.

7. Go North on Hudson a block and then Left on Morton for two blocks. Morton is one of the most picturesque streets in the Village, lined with postcard-perfect brownstones. Right on Washington up to Barrow.

8. Barrow is lined with Federal-style and Italianate brownstones. Take it to Hudson. Go Left/North a block to Grove. Grove Street dead-ends into Hudson Street near historic St. Luke in the Fields church, founded by Clement (“Twas the Night Before Christmas”) Moore in 1822.

9. Walk down Grove to Bedford and bask in the glory of the “Friends” apartment. Head down Bedford a bit to no. 86…and have a beer at Chumley’s. If you can’t find it, its because it is hiding (it dates to Prohibition). Known as a writers bar for years (Ginsberg, Steinbeck, etc…).

10. Head back up Bedford. 102 Bedford St. is where the famous bohemian, Walt Disney, once lived.

11. Take a right on Christopher. Head down to the Stonewall Inn the…where the 1969 Stonewall Riots birthed the the Gay Liberation Movement. It is super gay around here.

12. Wander back to Bleeker Street and go North enjoying the shops until you get to Brunetti’s. Eat a clam pie.